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January 15 – January 22, 2011

At 4:00 a.m. on January 15, Amy (age 11), Shannon (age 14), and myself (age ?) were airport bound for our missions trip to Guatemala. We went with a team of 10 adults and 7 kids, ages 6-18 years of age. This trip was the culmination of my Missions Discipleship class, a partnership between The Springs Church and Youth with a Mission (YWAM) of Colorado Springs.

Our class was modeled after the Crossroads Discipleship Training School (CDTS) conducted by YWAM world-wide, condensed into a 12 week format. The material as well as the speakers and teachers were excellent, however, it was a challenge for them to try to fit in all the material taught at the regular CDTS.  We were the guinea pig class.

Although the children did not attend the class, they were invited on the trip because CDTS is geared towards family missions. I am excited at the prospect of this training being offered in this condensed format all over the world, as I have wanted to attend it for a long time but was unable to commit to the on-campus living required. How many more people are out there that feel this way?

Guatemala is located in Central America, bordering the North Pacific Ocean, between El Salvador and Mexico, and bordering the Gulf of Honduras and Belize. The area we were in is called San Pedro La Laguna and we also visited other villages around Lake Atitlan. The Mayan culture is practiced there, and traditional dress is worn.

The people were very poor with most of the population living in poverty. Yet they were very warm, kind, and giving. Although most of the kids learned Spanish in the schools, most of the adults only spoke the local tribal Mayan language of Tz ‘utujil. During many of our ministry times, two different translations were required.

Our ministry in Guatemala included vacation bible school, prayer seminars, marriage conferences, youth rallies at two local churches, as well as assemblies at two different public schools. We also participated in home visitations and prayer walking. It was such a blessing to get the opportunity to encourage the local church!

All the kids did such an excellent job. Our schedule was rigorous, with only seven days on the ground and so many things scheduled. But everyone was up for the challenge. We were all stretched as we ministered in several different ways and places.

My favorite part was that all of the kids and adults shared their testimonies at the different venues; stories of broken homes, deaths; drug addiction, divorce, abuse, and alcoholism. These were powerful times where we were able to glorify God for the healing and redemption that He had brought to our lives. We serve a God of HOPE and this was the message received by all those God touched through testimonies.

It was so moving when we were told through translation that the people were honored that we shared our problems with them. They had felt inferior to Americans, believing we had it “all together”.  Now they knew that we have problems just like they do. It saddened me to think they had previously felt this way about us, but knew that this was the perception of other nations as well. I came home wondering, what if we all shared our testimonies when we are serving abroad? Wouldn’t this tear down a lot of the perceived cultural barriers that separate us?

The Lord did a work in all of us as we acknowledged our weaknesses before Him and before the precious people of Guatemala. Much healing within our team occurred as we ministered, and as the Lord ministered to us. We acknowledged our prayer times as our most important part of the day. Prayer is so CRUCIAL! We can do nothing in our own strength.

Only by the power of the Holy Spirit working in and through us can any transformation occur in us as individuals or in a nation. And this, of course, begins with prayer. No matter if you are serving locally or abroad, always remember to “Seek Ye first”, and you will be humbled and amazed at what God will do through a nobody like you and me.

Until All Have Heard,



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Mission: China August 8-18, 2008

My family and I had the wonderful opportunity to travel with a large group of like-minded believers to China during the Beijing Olympics. While we were there, we held prayer meetings, evangelized at the major tourist spots in Bejiing, handed out paper fans with the Gospel message printed on them, worshipped with the persecuted church, and held a vacation Bible school in the rural mountains of Zhen Zhou.

Holding the Bible school was the best part! Children came from all over this very poor village and were so excited to be visited by us. I’m sure it was the first time many of them had ever seen a white American. There were several children here from other parts of China participating in a government program. What an honor to get to work with them as well.

We played with them, sang with them, made crafts with them, and loved on them. We taught them the story of the Good Samaritan and helped them act it out for their parents one evening. We were able to communicate with them well, because one of our team members was a former missionary to China and was fluent in Mandarin. I’ll never forget the day he led the whole group in a salvation prayer, all 50 to 70 of them!

We even had a couple visits from the local police. We were afraid they were going to make us leave, but instead, they ended up playing with some of the toys we brought! They especially liked the jump ropes J

It was very exciting to get to be a part of this team. Many times after short-term mission trips we come home wondering if we really made a difference. I can say without a doubt, that we did!

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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August 9 – August 13, 2010

Our family mission trip this year was to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. We traveled with a ministry called Food for Orphans, whom we have recently partnered with. During this trip we visited 4 different orphanages and the garbage dump city, being ambassadors of God’s love to the poor orphans.

My husband Tom and I had spent quite a bit of time preparing our children (Parker 9 yrs, Amy 11 yrs, and Shannon 13 yrs) for this trip, telling them to the best of our ability what they could expect, and explaining what it meant to have HIV/AIDS. We had been praying together as a family and knew that the Lord had special ministry for each of them.

You see, each one of our kids have lost a parent. My daughter Amy had lost her dad to cancer two hours after she was born, and Tom’s children, Parker and Shannon, had lost their mother during the birth of Parker. God has wonderfully blended our families together and we know without a doubt that our children’s testimony is their ministry.

I have seen extreme poverty in several countries, but it never gets any easier to take in. The orphanages each had their specialty: abandoned children of prostitutes, girls home, boys home, and the hardest of all, the AIDS home. After arriving and seeing the great need, I almost felt foolish that we had brought so many toys but so few practical items. But the Lord reminded me that the poor would be with us always (Matthew 26:11), and that the children needed fun too.

I was so proud of Parker, Amy, and Shannon. They played with the children, served them meals, comforted them, and loved them. We showered these terribly impoverished kids with God’s love, food, and as many toys, crafts, stuffed animals, and gifts we could cram in our suitcases!

We came home broken-hearted for the children all over the world who have never known the love of an earthly father or mother. Yes, God had circumcised our hearts just as we had prayed. He has broken our hearts for the things that break His heart. We are committed to making a difference in the lives of orphans and are willing to follow as the Lord leads us to be advocates on their behalf.

God is a Father to the fatherless (Psalm 68:5) and He uses us in their lives as extensions of His love; all of us, not just adults. What a wonderful and humbling honor! If you have never ministered with children you are missing out. No one can minister to kids like other kids. Children add qualities of innocence, purity, and transparency to every mission, and they can easily hear the Father’s voice because they believe they can. We have so much to learn from our children!

If you have never taken your kids on a mission trip or done outreach in your community as a family, I encourage you to jump in and get involved. There are opportunities to serve someone at every turn. Teach your children that Jesus did not come to be served, but to serve, (Matthew 20:28) then SHOW them.  This lesson will increase their faith exponentially as they see the Father work through them, and they learn that they are in fact valuable tools in advancing His kingdom on the earth.

If you are interested in learning more about our family’s testimony, please see for “Under the Shadow of the Almighty.”

If you would like to learn more about the ministry of Food for Orphans, visit their website at

Until All Have Heard,

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